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Real estate could be an attractive and lucrative investment. Nevertheless, dealing with commercial property transactions, whether purchasing or selling property or entering into leases, can be challenging.

As an accomplished commercial real estate lawyer, we provide clients around Mississauga with a wide variety of legal services. Our company will direct you and your business through legal processes and allow you to ensure that things proceed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Getting the right legal advice from the start will help you prevent timely and expensive mistakes.

Property Acquisition

When purchasing commercial real estate, you will face many decisions, including whether the property is freehold or leasehold? Are there any restrictions on the land or property? Do you require a premises licence? The list is not an exhaustive one, and there are more considerations with leasehold property than with freehold property.

As an all-servicing commercial real estate law firm in Mississauga, our clients also have access to leading property litigators who can provide expert guidance and action should any commercial problems arise during the property transaction.

Property Disposition

Our Commercial Property team advises on all aspects of property sales, from individual properties to multi-million dollar development and regeneration projects.

Ted Perlmutter understands the demands and pressures that can arise when selling commercial property. We offer a strategic and innovative approach to your business needs, investing time to understand your objectives to ensure that transactions are delivered on time.

Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Services

Commercial Lease Mortgage and Financing

Our team of Commercial Property experts in Mississauga will advise you on possible pitfalls and help you settle on a lease suited to your company’s commercial needs. Leasing and negotiation can be essential business tools. For example, you may want to negotiate a provision that provides extra security.

For many companies, a lease may be a cost-effective way to secure premises. It is necessary to agree on the right financing for you and your company. While the lease removes the immediate costs that go hand in hand with the purchase of freehold premises, it is not without its problems.

In terms of mortgages and financing, infringements and disputes may occur and, without prompt and efficient legal advice, commercial disputes may be financially detrimental to your company. With Ted Perlmutter, you have access to Missisaugá’s leading property lawyers who can provide you with the professional advice and action you need if a problem arises.

We have a wealth of experience working for landlords and tenants in the industry, retail, institutional, leisure and recreation and public sectors.

Services include:

  • Drafting and Grant of Leases
  • Reviewing Leases
  • Breaches and Disputes
  • Debentures
  • Bonds
  • Pledges
  • Guarantees
  • Assignments of lease
  • General security agreements on commercial property

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga?

Whether you are starting a new investment, add an existing property portfolio or sell your property, Ted Perlmutter will lead you in the right direction and place your investment properties on the right course.

To find out more, contact any of our Commercial Property lawyers in Mississauga today on (416) 666-2973 or contact us.

Commercial Lease

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Avoid Legal Issues

Purchasing a commercial property is barely easy. There are a lot of problems that can arise that may include leasehold, corporate ownership, environmental issues or tenant claims. A real estate lawyer can help you work with the difficult issues that could come up.

Ease of Negotiation

People need a commercial property lawyer for a number one reason – they have strong negotiation skills. Because this is not a cheap investment, negotiations can be emotional. Utilizing a 3rd party who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the law will give you the best outcome possible to provide you with the best benefits as a buyer (or seller).

Reduce Your Risk

Renting out to individual tenants can be done with standard and easier legal leases. However, commercial properties have long teram leases and have risks that would be needing help from a real estate lawyer. This lawyer would be able to protect your valuable finance and look into any complications within the property. It will reduce your risk, and improve your commercial property transaction.

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