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Protect yourself and your property when buying, selling, financing, leasing real property, or entering a joint venture.

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Commercial real estate can be complex and needs an experienced counsel. With over 20 years’ experience as a former partner with one of Canada’s preeminent large law firms, he knows his way around the issues and how to spot problems and resolve them.

Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Services

Edward Perlmutter has been practicing real estate acquisition and disposition transactions extensively and is already recognized as Canada’s industry leader. He will provide complete representation for clients. In purchase and sale transactions of real estate, loans secured directly or indirectly in real estate, equity interests in entities that own real estate and more.

Edward is hands-on from every deal’s outset. He can provide a full range of acquisition and disposition services to commercial properties, public, private equity, opportunity funds, hotels, banks, dental clinics, retail, industrial, office, and all kinds of commercial real estate users. From beginning to end, Edward Perlmutter can be able to:

  • Represent clients in sales and purchase of a commercial real estate
  • Advise on any transfers of ground and master leasehold interests, title asset-based transactions, equity interests in real estate operators, owners, and investors
  • Negotiate in between the co-lender and creditor for clients’ transactions
  • Provide extensive advice in negotiation, structuring advice, documentation of multistate portfolios, individual asset sales, seller financing, and property work.
  • Assist clients in ancillary documentation related to a wide range of transactions and commercial property types – including negotiation of properties, utility agreements, operating agreements, property tax appeals, and others.

Joint Ventures

The property market has been slowly recovering from the downturn of the 2000s. With the current economic crisis of the 2020s, clients seek to either acquire new properties or recapitalize existing properties with better pricing. You need a commercial real estate lawyer like Edward Perlmutter who has been involved in many joint venture transactions.

In representing our clients, Edward Perlmutter is highly knowledgeable about current market trends. He is positioned well to guide clients through complicated issues that may arise in negotiating joint venture agreements.

Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Services

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage and Financing

We know it’s not an easy task to keep up with the industry’s mortgage challenges in financing. It’s because there are always high legal risks involved. But it is a widespread interest for most clients, so Edward Perlmutter has a variety of legal services for mortgage and financing, which includes:

  • Debentures
  • Bonds
  • Pledges
  • Guarantees
  • Assignments of lease
  • General security agreements on commercial property

Commercial Lease

Edward Perlmutter’s real estate practice offers to structure, negotiate, and draft a variety of leases and subleases to represent landlords or tenants. He has represented different clients on commercial leases for offices, dental, industrial, manufacturing facilities, retail leases, and other commercial lease transactions. You want a commercial real estate lawyer to handle transactions that involve guarantor agreements, financing and equity participation arrangements, property tax issues, transfer of tax issues, and other commercial property lease issues. He has also done negotiations for credit to tenants, build-to-suit, sale-leasebacks, ground leases, and master leases for different clients.

Commercial Lease

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Avoid Legal Issues

Purchasing a commercial property is barely easy. There are a lot of problems that can arise that may include leasehold, corporate ownership, environmental issues or tenant claims. A real estate lawyer can help you work with the difficult issues that could come up.

Ease of Negotiation

People need a commercial property lawyer for a number one reason – they have strong negotiation skills. Because this is not a cheap investment, negotiations can be emotional. Utilizing a 3rd party who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the law will give you the best outcome possible to provide you with the best benefits as a buyer (or seller).

Reduce Your Risk

Renting out to individual tenants can be done with standard and easier legal leases. However, commercial properties have long teram leases and have risks that would be needing help from a real estate lawyer. This lawyer would be able to protect your valuable finance and look into any complications within the property. It will reduce your risk, and improve your commercial property transaction.

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