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With a rapidly growing, competitive, and potentially prosperous industry, commercial real estate transactions require legal services to keep up with the same industry traits.

Commercial Real Estate

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Edward Perlmutter has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, providing legal services that combine industry expertise, experience, and tailored advice covering a broad spectrum of property types and industry. It doesn’t matter what side of the closing table you want to position yourself into. We will support your goal, whatever interest it may be to seal the deal.

Involving yourself in any aspect of commercial real estate can have substantial legal implications. You don’t have to worry about that because you can rely on us for structured legal advice at every step of the way. From building, leasing, up to vacating commercial properties.

Trusted Commercial Real Estate Legal Counsel

Deals can shift status in just one snap of a finger. Edward Perlmutter’s commercial real estate law services are responsive and experienced. From everyday support, advanced projection, and more, he is here to provide you with all the legal resources you need to secure, acquire, sell, or defend your commercial real estate property.

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